About us

Activity fields

Alfa Tim d.o.o. produces specialized materials and products obtained by methods of powder metallurgy, a modern technology with world-wide recognition.

Powder metallurgy enables the manufacture of products unobtainable by means of traditional technologies, making possible the desired alloy composition unimaginable with other methods – for example, of metal alloys with a very high (> 3000 °C) or a relatively low melting point (~ 1000 °C), an almost theoretical density, high strength, and other targeted product properties.

Products obtained by these methods are now used in all branches of metal processing industry, electronics, construction, mining, application industry, aviation, medicine, etc.

Business Tradition

ALFA TIM Ltd. is a private company founded by two enthusiasts after the bankruptcy of SINTAL in 1995, where they worked as engineers in the development department and acquired sufficient knowledge and experience for self-management:
  • Milka Ledic , MSc Chemical Engeneering
  • Ivan Jeren , MSc Physics

Quality Policy

We promote the highest standard of quality, determining and evaluating our success on the basis of customer satisfaction and deadline compliance.
In order to achieve, as well as maintain and improve, these, we aim to:

  • nurture and develop partner relations with our customers
  • implement and improve our quality assurance system, based on international standards
  • set ambitious, measurable and achievable quality goals
ISO 9001 certificate ISO 14001 certificate